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Monday, 25 September 2017

Lunchtime Concert News

Lunchtime Concert on Friday 22nd September

On a lovely afternoon with the sunshine flowing through the Ashton Hall windows, we presented our first Lunchtime Concert of this Academic Year and this term. Blink, and you’d missed it as the notable performances were over in a flash! It was a varied and highly enjoyable programme and all the children performed especially well and to a high standard, lifting our spirits in preparation for afternoon school!                                                                   

The programme was as follows :-

Harry G got us off to a fine start with a delicate and rhythmical performance of ‘Squibnochet’ by R. Salmins on the Drum Kit

Lewis L made his piano debut with a solid performance of ‘The Trombone Player’  

by J. Thompson

‘Cellini’ (Anastasia E, Freddie T & Frances T-T) accompanied by Mrs Kristy on the Double Bass gave an attractive and sonorous performance of ‘Sad Movie’ by D. Blackwell

Violet B charmed us with a delicate performance of ‘London Bridge is falling down’ on the piano.           

Evelyn K sang a clear, precise and enjoyable account of ‘Clock-a-Clay’ by R. R. Bennett showing us why she was appointed a Head Chorister of the Chapel Choir

Freddie T made another appearance, this time playing the piano in a very melodious account of ‘Tune of the Tuna Fish’ arranged by J. Schaum

Anastasia K finished the concert on the piano with a purring, rhythmical and exciting performance of ‘The Cat’ by S. Prokofiev.

The next Lunchtime Concert is on Friday 13th October  We look forward to seeing you!

MJHS – 22/ix/17

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