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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Mountain bikers are go

The mountain bikers dashed out yesterday evening to get some fresh air in a brief weather window. The ‘deer track’ holds up well to the rain and we blasted along there before heading into the woods for some singletrack. This was fun and muddy, but climbing back up the hill was challenging!

We have also been fixing the mountain bikes during a Thursday evening activity. Mr Scott has built us a workshop and we have taken delivery of new brake cables, gear cables, brake pads and some puncture repair kits. Michael in Removes has been very helpful and Harry T has enjoyed fitting components and getting some of the school bikes up and running. Last week a bunch of Shell boys dropped in to help fit some new brake pads and we tried to straighten out a wheel. There’s something satisfying about fixing bikes. 

M Raven

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Fitting new brake cables