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Saturday, 9 February 2019

News in Brief - Week 5 Spring Term 2019

We have had a really positive and upbeat week at Abberley, starting with the Abberley Relays last Sunday. Despite the snow previous to this we still had a good turnout of schools, 11 in total. The going was soft, but the rain stayed off and the runners were outstanding: all heart and guts. I was thrilled that Abberley came either 2nd or 3rd in every team event, and Kitty and Joan both posted remarkable individual times. Mr Richardson conducted and organized proceedings with his usual calm and aplomb – it was a very happy occasion.

Some excellent news of scholarships and exhibitions came through this week too: Georgia: Academic Exhibition to King’s School Worcester; Arabella: Music Exhibition to Malvern College; Ed: Sports Scholarship to Shrewsbury School; Max: Music Scholarship to Shrewsbury School. Well done to all of them and those who helped prepare them.

We finished the week with a very full schedule of fixtures on Saturday afternoon. The Downs came over in force to play football against the boys and Winterfold were here for netball. There was a strong westerly blowing, which dropped the temperature several degrees, but spectator numbers were good; luckily the staggered start times meant a steady and strong stream of parents through the Front Hall for match teas, rather than one big crush. I must confess becoming rather engrossed in the football games – every single one was a cracking match, fiercely, but sportingly contested. We lost two, drew one and won one, but the results could have gone either way and the boys clearly loved playing. Masses of skill was on display, a good deal of courage, and some heartening team spirit. We just need to learn to convert our chances.

There was a short but sweet Lunchtime Dramatic Arts Showcase, including an ‘unseen’ piece by Oscar – a new item as far as I can remember. All the performers did very well indeed and it is marvellous to come to these informal events that give our pupils a performance opportunity; they never fail to impress.

Four of our Shells were invited across to Shrewsbury School as a result of an essay competition – What makes humans human? They were treated to workshops from the Classics, Art and Drama departments, and came back after a stimulating afternoon.

The final excitement of the week was the surprise arrival on campus of four stray sheep. Where they came from we had no idea. They were not escapees from our resident flock of pygmy sheep, who are penned in the Ink Pot bank fields. The four were extremely friendly, well most of the time, gave the site a thorough examination: Flag Pole Lawn, main car park, sports hall, back drive, front drive, rhododendron bushes, tennis courts. They were overnight stayers, and I was beginning to worry they might be here for the Optional too. Luckily their owner was finally tracked down, and she came to rescue them on Saturday morning. As one parent said out of their car window at drop off “Only at Abberley!”

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