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Saturday, 2 February 2019

News in Brief Week 4

Abberley more or less entirely escaped the snow that has struck other parts of the country. We had a sprinkling on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it has remained cold, but rather unusually we have got away with it. The effect of this has been that a number of schools have been unable to come to us for fixtures, or have cancelled some of our away matches. It is a little disappointing when all our teams seem to be on song at the moment to miss out, but there is little we can do. On Tuesday we kept going in harsh conditions for our U9 & 8s in both football and netball, rather to the surprise to some of our visitors, though not to home grown supporters; hardy folk at Abberley.

We had a super Dramatic Arts Showcase on Friday, with a real range of performance, both musical and dramatic, and this was on the back of the LAMDA exams on Monday. These only come round once a year, so let’s hope that we have another successful year. I would be surprised if the candidates did not get the recognition they deserve – Mrs Austen is doing a fabulous job coaching her students and the pleasure they get from the process is obvious.

Mr and Mrs B-T have had a big move around in the Boys Boarding house, with the 100s coming downstairs to the 1st floor and the Juniors going up to integrate more with the Shells on the top floor. Some very cosy and homely rooms have been created and everyone seems happy with the changes at the moment.

We have a busy day today, with a big Joseph rehearsal (which seems to be steaming along happily still) this morning, our annual Abberley Relays cross country race, with around 15 schools coming along (if they are not snowed in or worried about travel), and finally an evening Candlemas Service in Chapel, which I am expecting to be quite parky, though 250 candles might take the edge off this…

Will Lockett, Headmaster

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