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Friday, 15 September 2017

Norman Conquest Weekend

Many thanks to Y'Ddraig re-enactment group, who last weekend brought history to life as they immersed the pupils in the timeline of the Norman conquest. On Saturday night the pupils met Harold Hardrada, who told them the story of his rise to fame as the greatest Viking who ever lived. The pupils joined in, playing the part of his brother, his warriors, his queen and his slaves whilst the harp played and the campfires burned. On Sunday the pupils watched as the timeline unfolded with an impressive display of fighting from the re-enactment group. Before the pupils could join in they had to be trained: the shield walls was taught and practised, spear throwing, archery and sling shot were mastered, and weaponry was inspected. Next came the march to Stamford Bridge and the pupils fought for Harold Godwinson and won the famous battle that saw Hardarda lose his life. The pupils then transformed into Duke William of Normandy's forces and they marched to face Godwinson at Hasting (the clock tower bank). The three waves of attack saw the pupils quickly overwhelm the visiting fighters and William was crowned king.

It was a great weekend that allowed the pupils to glimpse back into history, learn about the methods of warfare and have loads of fun along the way.

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