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Sunday, 19 January 2020

Optional Weekend 18-19th Jan 2020

I made it upstairs to the chinook helicopter in time to hear Bear’s advice ‘there’s only one way to overcome your fears; straight through the middle’.  Mr Bee offered to oversee things from the ground and I joined the Hundreds and Top Year for the zipline and highropes activity. I was told off for attempting to take photos; probably sensible. The children and I were checked over by stern and efficient instructors. With harnesses and helmets secure, we were led to the cargo doors and zipline-d down in tandem to terra firma below. Much thought had gone into the experience and it felt very 'Bear'. The high ropes structure was challenging. There were 32 different obstacles where John, Beth, Mia and Celia impressed with their agility and perseverance. Sometimes there was a wobbly board and nothing to hold on to at all. Run straight through the middle of your fears, we thought, trying not to be distracted by aeroplanes taking off and trains arriving at Birmingham International.  Moyo’s efforts were commendable. The Form 2s, Removes and Shells took part in archery, the assault course and escape room while everyone also experienced 'Fear Zone'. This one was complete auditory and sensory overload; being led around a small wet room with a black bag over your head and someone jumping out from behind every corner and screaming at you. Mr and Mrs BT’s team of Freddie, Jacob, Olivia, Harry, Josh, Rosie and Freya loved it. The assault course was highly competitive and the children were let off in threes; all racing to beat Bear’s time. It was a fun trip and the children were good company. 

Mrs Detheridge and Miss Porter took a bunch to see 'Spys in Disguise' on Saturday afternoon, while Mr Bee and I went climbing at Vertical Limit with Iñigo, Martin, Guy and Harry plus our vistors from Qingdao. This was great fun; there were four ropes to ascend over a variety of terrain and the children loved being let loose on the bouldering wall at the end. There was lots of sleep either side of this in minibuses plus some time in the swimming pool and sports hall. It was early nights on Sunday ready for another week.   

M Raven 

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