New Headmaster to join Abberley Hall in September 2020
Day & Boarding 7-13 years,
Pre-Prep & Nursery 2-7 years.

At Abberley Hall we strive to deliver high quality and engaging lessons. The broad and constantly evolving PE curriculum enables the pupils to develop an understanding of how to live a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as supplying opportunities for all pupils to develop their agility, balance, body-control, co-ordination, strength and rules of specific activities. Furthermore, all lessons are supplied in a way that is aimed to encourage young people to get enthusiastic about exercise and learn more about their own bodies.

Physical Education (PE) at Abberley Hall is a weekly timetabled lesson in which pupils from Year 3 (Form One) to Year 7 (100s) participate in a wide range of physical activities that enable them to develop individually and holistically.

All children receive at least one PE lesson per week. The curriculum is designed to enable all the children to swim for half a term, in both the Autumn and Spring Term, and then cover a different physical activity for the other half of the term.

Pupils are constantly observed and assessed visually during every lesson, with weekly effort grades being awarded. Results in Athletics are recorded and compared to National qualifying boundaries to enable the pupils to improve their personal achievements.

Our Aims

* Develop a positive attitude towards all forms of physical activity

* Support physical development of each individual

* To be fun, challenging and purposeful

* Continually develop self-esteem through the development of physical confidence

* Develop creative skills and appreciation of aesthetic qualities in movement

* Provide the opportunity to experience the responsibilities of leadership and an understanding of co-operation

* To learn how to play fairly, win modestly and be graceful in defeat