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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Rem C and Lewis - Chalet trip Day 6

We woke up and had some breakfast. We started with really nice pain au chocolat and croissants. After that we went to get some hiking gear on. Very shortly after that we got in to the bus and zoomed to the bakery to get our lunch and on the way picked Olivier up. It was a small drive up the mountain to the car park. We got out and Olivier set some rules; one of them being you have to stay about one metre behind him.

On the walk we saw some red and white signs they meant you were on the right track. The track was called the GR5 it started at Aix Les Bains and finished at St Tropez which took in total 3 weeks. We carried on and saw lots more of the red and white signs until we came to what Olivier called the marmot city. It took a while until we found our first marmot but then we had our ‘marmot eyes’ on and saw 2 more.

After that we stopped for lunch; we had baguettes with pâté the first time but the second one we had the choice of brie as well. We got on with our walk and saw an old chalet that had been destroyed. We moved on and came to a bridge which said something in French; Olivier told us that it meant do not cross, danger of falling rocks so we had to turn back the way we came.

It was a long walk back but eventually we saw the minibus; it was a relief because we were so tired. We got in the bus and drove back. We dropped Olivier off and drove back but there was a festival in the way of the road so we had to go the long way around but we got home eventually. We got out and rushed straight into the shower. After, we all played ping pong until Rosanna and Lewis went to play Uno. They played an intense 40 card game which took a long time.

We had a great dinner with Mr Borshman's pizzas, they were great. We finished with an ice cream for pudding.

We went to bed all excited for Violet's birthday in the morning.

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