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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Rem FC Chalet Trip - Day 1 - Monday 3rd June

Today we all arrived at the chalet  and this is how we got there. We all got on the mini bus and were ready and excited for the trip ahead of us. All the rems on the bus were laughing at the videos on Henry's camera. When we got to Liverpool airport we were all gathered together and ate our pack lunch. 

Once we had lunch we went through security and lots of people got beeped by the scanner(BEEP!). Next we all boarded the plane, we found our seats and sat down. Two hours later, when we landed we had a long car journey to lake Annecy. When we got to Lake Annecy we had ham and cheese sandwiches. When we were playing in the water Oscar, John and George went a bit too deep so they got soaked and then Monsieur Thomas and Madame Tracy drove us to the chalet. We piled into the minibuses and headed off. On our way we saw loads of beautiful mountains and valleys and then finally we arrived at the (wonderful, beautiful) chalet but it was late so we unpacked and headed to bed.  

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