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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Rem FC Chalet Trip - Day 3 - Wednesday 4th June

Today we woke up early to have a big, amazing breakfast at the chalet. It's amazing because of the fun atmosphere at the chalet and the fabulous food. Next we got ready and headed out to the mini-buses ready to head off on our whole day hike. Everyone was very excited but a little anxious at the prospect of the long walk. 

Soon we headed off and met our mountain guide Olivier before heading up to La Plagne, Montalbert where we would begin our hike! We piled out, pumped up and ready to go and after collecting our bread and fruit headed off up the mountain with Olivier. On our way up we saw gorgeous views over the valley and spotted local wildlife such as marmots! We learned a lot from Olivier about the local wildlife and spotting the tracks of deer, marmots, hare and mice (as well as not stepping in the tracks before the rest of the group could see them!) We learned to be aware and look up into the trees as well as down. 

After about two hours of hiking through ski slopes and up hills we stopped for lunch after managing to spot the 'strange man on top of the hill' (which turned out to be a fun statue). The scenery was absolutely gorgeous, we were surrounded by the Alps (many of which still had snow covering the top of them) and could even see Mt Blanc in the distance. It was so gorgeous that many of the children remarked it looked like the scenery from 'A Sound of Music' and many almost broke into song. We stopped for lunch in front of one of the sheds on the mountain used by people who are lost or need shelter. We ate delicious baguettes with ham and cheese and fruit. we were all careful to eat our fruit (even if it was slightly mushed like Henry's banana). Olivier had taught us not to waste anything and not to pollute the mountain environment. After lunch, we had a giant game of tag on top of the mountain much to everyone's enjoyment. 

Soon, we headed off (luckily we walked back DOWN and not UP the hill :) ) and Olivier pointed out to us the ski resort, La Plagne and one of its many reservoirs. We learned that there are people working at the resort all year round and that during its peak season they employ 800 ski instructors, 700 workers and have on average 55,000 people skiing at their resort each week. 

As we headed down we were also lucky enough to see some snow and we all enjoyed playing in it and even getting our feet stuck in it! On our way down we also passed a large man-made stream created originally in the 13th century and we all loved playing in it and feeling the water. The boys and in particular Henry, Yoan and George enjoyed throwing pine cones into the stream and following them down to see where they popped out. The girls also enjoyed putting their hands in the water and collecting pine cones. Some of the girls even collected so many they had 'pine cone families'! 

After a quick snack of chocolate and biscuits we continued down the hill and before long we spotted the mini-buses. After saying 'merci' to Olivier, we piled back into the car and the bunch of tired Rems and teachers headed back to the chalet. Everyone had a great day and really enjoyed the mountain walk! 

When we got back to the chalet, everybody had a warm shower and then started a big game of ping pong outside. Before long it was time to start cooking dinner and like yesterday Monsieur Thomas had lots of helpers in the kitchen chopping and mixing the ingredients for dinner. Soon we sat down to a fabulous dinner and dessert. 

Henry and Olivia H

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