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Thursday, 6 June 2019

Rem FC Chalet Trip - Day 4 - Thursday 6th June

Another fantastic day at the chalet! This morning we woke up bright and early and had a great French breakfast of fresh baguette and cereal. Then we headed to our French lesson with our teacher, a local woman named Muriel. We learnt all about household chores and had a lot of fun speaking French with each other and practising our new skills. Then we headed outside to do one of our favourite chalet activities, PING-PONG. We had a big tournament of ping-pong dominated by Henry and Oscar. 

After our tournament we got started on our chores at the chalet. At the chalet all of us do chores like loading and unloading the dishwasher, sweeping the chalet and wiping down the table. We enjoyed working together and getting to learn new skills, (very new skills to some of us). In particular, Alex, Oscar, Livvy and George enjoyed going with Miss VV to put the rubbish, compost and recycling out and seeing the village as we walked. We had a lot of fun remarking how much Oscar looked like Santa Clause with the big bag slung over his shoulder :) 

Then, we had our first geography lesson with Miss VV and learnt all about the weather in the Alps and why it's very important for the people in the Alps to know what the weather is going to be, particularly in Winter. Soon it was time for lunch and we partook in some cultural eating, trying artichoke cooked by Monsieur Thomas. We all enjoyed it, particularly Kitty and Yoan. Kitty in particular loved the artichoke and managed to get through a whole artichoke with the help of Miss VV. Madame Parker and Monsieur Thomas were proud of all the children for trying the artichoke and vinaigrette even if it was their very first time trying it. After the artichoke we had a yummy lunch of sausages and macaroni cheese cooked from local produce which was absolutely delicious. 

Soon it was time to pile into the mini-buses and head off to the mountain village of Tignes for an afternoon of indoor rock climbing. At the Tignes Sports Centre we met up with our teacher, Stephane and we headed inside where we got our harnesses and shoes on and started our warm up. All the children loved Stephane's warm up and particularly seeing how high we could all jump up into the air! Soon, we began rock climbing and we all did very well and had lots of fun, attempting a number of difficult walls and even attempting to do free climbs without harnesses in the cushioned free climb area. Oscar, Nell, Livvy and Yoan did particularly well getting all the way to the top on some very hard walls and exhibiting huge amounts of perseverance and patience. Monsieur Thomas, Miss VV, Madame Parker and Stephane very proud of all of us.

After finishing up our climbing and having a play on the mats we said goodbye to Stephane and headed down to the Lac de Tignes where we ate our snack of brioche and peaches with absolutely gorgeous views over the mountains and lake. 

Before long we packed up and headed home where we did some more chores, had our showers and got ready for another delicious French dinner. 

Oscar and Alex

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