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Friday, 7 June 2019

Rem FC Chalet Trip - Day 5 - Friday 7th June

Today we woke up to another wonderful morning at the chalet, it was bright and sunny outside with little clouds as we ate our French breakfast of baguette and cereal. Then with full tummies we happily headed into our French lesson with our teacher, Muriel. Today we learned about how to speak in the market and vocabulary about food and drink. We all felt very hungry in anticipation of all the yummy food we'll buy tomorrow. 

Next we did our daily chores including our highly anticipated trip up to the recycling and compost bins in Hauteville-Gondon! We had fun sweeping and checking our mail box for post from their parents. After our chores, we headed off to the local playground for some time outside in the fresh mountain air. We took part in a fun game of football with everybody showing their skills! Some of us also played in the playground and enjoyed doing some gymnastics on the top of the hill. We also played some games with Miss VV at the playground before heading back and starting to get ready for a delicious lunch of burgers and chips.

After lunch and some adventures with the dishwasher (some opening and closing when it wasn't finished), Magali, our cooking teacher arrived and we were given chefs hats to wear which we all loved (but we didn't love having to spell our names in French :) ) We were separated into three groups to cook our dinner for the evening. The first group was Kitty, Olivia, Oscar and Alex who prepared a delicious cheese tart which was very popular with all the kids and some shortbread biscuits. Nell, Freya, Henry and John made up our second group who helped prepare the main course by cutting up lots of vegetables and making mashed potato. Our final fabulous group were Bob, Livvy and Yoan who tackled the dessert making a strawberry tiramisu and an orange juice and lemonade mocktail. We loved the cooking because Magali was really kind and helped us a lot as well as being very supportive.  We also really enjoyed it because we all got to try something new and learn something new like how to make a mocktail and how to separate eggs from egg yolks, (Bob also wanted to add, he learned 'cooking is fun' :) )

As well as cooking our designated course we also helped to make the a cucumber crocodile with spikes made of vegetable skewers. Soon, it was time for dinner and we couldn't wait to eat all of our delicious food. The teachers had never seen the kids run faster to the showers! We set the table for dinner and sat down with Miss VV, Mrs Parker, Mr Thomas, Magali and her husband, Frank. First off we drank our delicious mocktails which were enjoyed by all and ate our scary, cucumber crocodile. Then we had our entree of cheese tart and salad which was so good most of us had seconds. this was followed by us standing up, led by Livvy, Yoan, Freya, Olivia, George and Nell and toasting Magali to thank her for being s helpful and encouraging in our cooking lesson this afternoon. After this, we tucked into our main course of mashed potato and stew as well as fresh baguette. Finally, it was time for the long awaited desert (drum roll please) of strawberry tiramisu and biscuits. It was absolutely delicious and we all loved it. 

Soon it was time for bed and we all headed back inside to read and hop into our comfy beds for the night. 

George (Bob) and Livvy

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