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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Rem FC Chalet Trip - Day 6- Saturday 8th June

Bonjour nos amis, welcome to our account of our wonderful day at the chalet. This morning we woke up early because we needed to pack our rucksacks for a fantastic day out in Bourg St Maurice. We had a delicious breakfast and then had our French lesson with Muriel where we learned how to say different foods and items and how to ask for them in the market. 

After class we did some of our daily chores and then headed off in the mini-buses to the market. We were all very excited to buy things for ourselves and our friends and family. At the market we were separated into three groups and told to head out with our teachers and buy different items from the stalls. These items included (absolutely delicious) cherries and cucumbers and we all loved asking for things even though it was a bit scary speaking french. After that we were allowed to go and buy things for ourselves including baked goods and souvenirs! We loved deciding on gifts for our brothers, sisters and parents :) We hope you like them too! 

After the market we headed off to Sainte Foy de Tarantaise where we had a yummy picnic of ham and cheese baguette and our awesome cherries and cucumber. The cherries in particular were very popular with all of us and we loved playing in the field and listening to the cows in the neighbouring field with the bells around their necks! Though it got a bit annoying after a while :) Soon, we headed off on our long walk up to a beautiful village at the top of the mountain. Despite it being long and mostly uphill, the teachers were very proud of the kids for being strong and persevering, particularly the kids that were feeling a bit unwell! After about an hour we stopped by a river and spent the next few hours playing in the cold water, that ran straight off the mountain, messing around together and even doing a bit of hairdressing at the end! Everybody loved trying to get across the river, even though some of us got quite wet by the end. 

Unfortunately, soon it was time to go and we headed back down the mountain to our mini buses and even saw adorable marmots on the way! The marmots were having a great time sunbathing and playing together and we all loved getting to see them in the wild. 

By the time we got home it was time to do our chores, have a shower and then eat an amazing meal cooked by Monsieur Thomas. 

Au revoir :) 

John and Nell

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