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Sunday, 9 June 2019

Rem FC Chalet Trip - Day 7- Sunday 9th June

Today's journal is ...... about Sunday :) 

Like every morning we woke up early to have a great French breakfast at the chalet followed by our French lesson with Muriel. Today we learned about the weather and different items of clothing. It was highly fitting because today has been a bit of a rainy, cloudy day! 

After French we did our chores and had a bit of free time where we enjoyed having a teddy wedding (Slothabye and Elly got married and Doo Doo and Batty got married) and a bit of a disco. Then we all headed upstairs to have a geography lesson with the one, the only, Miss VV! We enjoyed creating our graphs and using colours to be able to see the trends. 

Soon, it was time for lunch and we all headed out to have another great Monsieur Thomas lunch of roast turkey, wedges and roast vegetables. Yum!! Then it was time for the long awaited Chalet's Got Talent and we all headed downstairs to start our rehearsals. It was a tense atmosphere as we all rehearsed eagerly and then finally it was time for the show :) We had five wonderful acts performing for us including singing and dancing to Shotgun and The Greatest Showman, acting and displays of our secret talents like eating whole apples (except the pips :)) 

All the teachers were proud of the performers and the hosts for doing a good job. Thankfully, during our show the rain started to ease and so we all headed out to go biking. We biked along the river to Bourg St Maurice and stopped for a quick snack as well as a play in the park. On the way back we were lucky enough to see some kayakers attempting the slalom course on the river just outside Bourg St Maurice and were enthralled by the efforts of the men and women in their kayaks. Soon we were back at the bike shed and packed up to head back to the chalet and have our showers and dinner. It was a sad goodbye to the bike for some of us, (and a happier one for others :)) 

What a great day at the chalet :) 

Yoan, Kitty and Freya 

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