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Monday, 10 June 2019

Rem FC Chalet Trip - Day 8 - Monday 10th June

Today we woke up after a good nights sleep and had another great chalet breakfast before heading into our French lesson. This morning we learned about the equipment you need for hiking and the animals you can find in the hills around Bourg St Maurice. 

When French finished, Monsieur Thomas surprised us by telling us all to get ready for a day out due to the current sunny conditions instead of the predicted rain! The sun didn't last long but we were already hyped up and in the minibus on route to the neighbouring Maurienne Valley. We drove up some really windy mountain roads, driving past lots of snow (in some places it was twice as high as the minibus) and lots of evidence of avalanches! Soon we were at the top of the Col d'Isere but unfortunately couldn't see anything because of the clouds, snow, rain and mist :( 

We continued down into the Maurienne Valley and immediately noticed how different it was to the Tarrantaise Valley where our chalet is located! We stopped for lunch in the picturesque village of Bonneval Sur Arcs and enjoyed walking around the village and seeing its stone houses and meeting its wildlife! The dogs and sheep in particular were very cute :) 

Then we headed off to another small village in the hills with lots of stone houses used by the farmers in the summer, some guard dogs guarding their flock of sheep from the wolves and lots of wildflowers growing all over the hills. After this we continued on and drove to Lanselvillard where we enjoyed doing some drawing of the hills and valleys around the small town and having a delicious snack. 

After a long day, it was time to return home and we packed back into the minibus for a fairly long drive home in the pouring rain! But the drive was enjoyed by all for the scenic route and the pumping music in the buses!  On returning we all had warm showers and enjoyed a delicious dinner cooked by Monsieur Thomas. 

See you tomorrow, 

Henry and Olivia H

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