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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Rem FC Chalet Trip - Day 9 - Tuesday 11th June

The last day at the chalet...... it was amazing, cool, fun and so much more :) And now, let's tell you about it!

This morning we woke up happy but also a little bit sad because its our second last day at the chalet! We had a yummy French breakfast and then our lesson with Muriel before we emptied our rucksacks and headed off to the shops! Woo hoo! 

We all went to super U and had a fabulous time wandering around the store and buying lots of things for ourselves, our friends and family from spreadable ham and cheese to sweets and chocolate. We hope you all love the gifts we're bringing home :) The teachers were all very proud of the us for speaking lots of French and being generous in buying things for our family as well as ourselves! 

After shopping we headed back to the chalet for a warm lunch of pasta, sausages and vegetables before packing our bags and heading out for the long awaited, highly anticipated WHITE WATER RAFTING!! 

We were all so excited as we hopped in the buses and headed down to H20 rafting to get our equipment and start our adventure! In no time at all we transformed into an international bobsled/rafting team! The teachers couldn't stop smiling at how much Nell, Olivia H, George and Kitty looked like a bobsled team with their wet suit tops up! Or a torpedo as Ellie our guide suggested :) We put on our life jackets, wet suits, helmets and grabbed our paddles and headed off in the cars down to the river. 

First ML taught us how to use our paddles properly and the commands we were going to use as well as how to safely jump out of the boat and get into our safety positions and how to get back in. Soon, we divided up into our teams, The Big Shack and the Eggs (the Eggs were the best by far :) :) ) and headed out onto the practice lake where we did a bit of paddling and even practiced pulling somebody back in when they fell out (Miss VV was pushed!). Before long it was time to head out into the river and we all jumped in and paddles off. We had so much fun paddling through the rapids and hitting the waves to make the front of our boat soar in the air. All the kids also loved doing 'bumps' which involved the boat running straight at the shore and then bouncing off! Most notable was the second bump done by the Eggs which sent Oscar head over heels into the water and made Yoan lose his paddle :)

We also loved jumping out of the boat (when instructed to) and swimming back to be pulled in by the guides or to be dumped back in (in Alex's case!) Another favourite activity was learning about water safety with the guides by floating downstream and then swimming parallel to get to shore or having a safety rope thrown to pull us back in.  Unfortunately, white water rafting came to end way to soon and everybody had to bail out of the boat, pull the boat up to the trailer and hop in for the drive back to the H20 base. Back at base we took off our equipment, said goodbye and thank you to our guides and all had warm showers before changing back into our clothes and having a snack. 

Back at the chalet, we all started to pack our bags, have more showers and relax for the night before a delicious crepe dinner and a lot of driving tomorrow. 

We can't wait to see you all tomorrow:) 

Oscar and Alex 

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