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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Rem H Chalet Trip Day 2

Today is the 15th May - it was a really fun day (as always)!  We woke up and had breakfast.  This was cool because we had to say everything in French - even pass the butter.  Next we had to do all the chores which took a bit of time as Rosie and Lawson didn't really know how to work the dishwasher.  We then got dressed, cleaned our teeth ready for the day.

We then had some free time - the girls decorated their dorm, while the boys were, um, I don't really know. We had our first French lesson with Muriel - we learnt all the rooms in the house and got new books to fill in which were all different colours.

We had lunch which was steak, pasta and sauce.  We then tried lots of different cheeses including cow cheese, goat cheese and sheep cheese!  After this we were told that we were going to go SLEDGING!!  We were so excited.

When we got there we walked all the way up the mountain and sledged all the way back down.  I think I was the fastest sledging without a sledge on my tummy like a penguin.  When we finished we were soaking so we all had a shower.  When we were out of the showers and changed we had hot chocolate and a biscuit and the girls all practised their dance for the "Chalet's got talent" competition later in the week.   

We are now going to have tea and then off to bed!

Rosie (G)

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