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Monday, 24 February 2020

Scholarship Success for Top Year Pupils at Abberley

The following pupils have been awarded Scholarships and Exhibitions so far and we are sure you will join us in celebrating their success.

Congratulations go to:

Frances T  All-rounder Scholarship  Shrewsbury School

Isabella H  All-rounder Scholarship  Shrewsbury School

Meadow P  All-rounder Scholarship  Shrewsbury School

Joe S          Sports Scholarship  Cheltenham College

Edward R-D  Sports Scholarship Cheltenham College

Olivia H      Art Scholarship   Tudor Hall

Emily K       Sports Scholarship  Malvern College

Isabella K    Sports Scholarship  Malvern College

Charlotte B  Sports  Exhibition   Malvern College

Emma C       Sports Exhibition    Malvern College

Sylvie G        Sports Exhibition    Malvern College

Rory D          Sports Scholarship  Sedbergh School

Araminta O   Drama Scholarship  Sedbergh School

Algernon O   Sports Exhibition    Stowe School

Molly W        Art Scholarship        Malvern College

Joe S            DT Exhibition           Malvern College

Joe S            Drama Scholarship   Malvern College

Joe S            Sports Scholarship   Malvern College

Will R           Sports Scholarship   Malvern College

Harriet M    All-rounder Scholarship  Kings School Worcester 

Anastasia E Academic Exhibition       Kings School Worcester

William K    Academic Scholarship     Kings School Worcester

Bella K        All-rounder Scholarship  Kings School Worcester

William R    All-rounder Scholarship Kings School Worcester

Archie M     Music Exhibition            Kings School Worcester

Jim B           Choral Scholarship        Shrewsbury School

Meadow P    Choral Scholarship        Shrewsbury School

Daisy C        Academic Scholarship   RGS Worcester

Harry BV      Sports Scholarship        Monmouth School

Algy O         Art Exhibition               Stowe School

Minty O       Drama  Exhibition         Stowe School 

Molly A        Sports Scholarship        RGS Worcester

Anastasia E  Academic Scholarship   Malvern St James 

Meadow P    Music Scholarship         Malvern St James 

Joe S            Drama Scholarship       Cheltenham College 

Poppy P       Art Scholarship             Shrewsbury School

Rory D         Academic Scholarship   Sedbergh School

Molly W       Art Scholarship              Shrewsbury School

Algy O         All-rounder Scholarship Sedbergh School

Meadow P    Drama Scholarship        Shrewsbury School

Anastasia E  Academic Scholarship   Malvern College

Holly Y        Academic Scholarship    Rugby School

Frances T   Academic Scholarship    Shrewsbury School

Holly Y       Academic Scholarship    Shrewsbury School

Naturally, we are very pleased for these pupils that their efforts and abilities have been recognised at senior school level. 

This year we have a particularly high number of candidates doing a very wide range of scholarships. As is always true, our scholarship candidates pour a great deal of energy and emotion into preparing for their various awards. They are not always successful, and they cannot control all of the factors at play. They work very hard in their particular field and deserve credit, whether recognised by an award or not.

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