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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Sir Linkalot visits Abberley

Today saw every child at Abberley engaging with thinking and linking. Sir Linkalot (aka Andy Salmon) burst into the school at 8:15am with his wacky and very memorable way for learning spellings, grammar and facts. In the morning he had Reception learning their vowels and Class 1 and 2 spelling tricky words like biscuit and colour, then he turned his attention to the Prep school pupils. By 7:30pm Sir Linkalot had taught many of the children, staff and parents how linking can help them learn facts through some easy to use techniques. It was lovely to see parents joining in with the day, so thank you to those who came along, and for those who could not make it there will be a follow up email of information if your child starts badgering for the Think-a-link books. 

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