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Monday, 18 November 2019

Swimming Gala at The Elms

U9, u10 and u11 children were hosted by the Elms.  U9's first gala of the season and they were very excited!  

We got off to a cracking start, wins in relays, coming from behind in some cases and giving it that extra push for the wins.  Some of the races were so close that the noise of the cheering was deafening!  I do not think I have ever heard cheering like that in all my years of competing and coaching!

Our starts were good and we held our nerve, especially the little ones who had never swam in a gala before.

Very pleased with the outcome as always, but the team spirit and the warm welcome everyone gave each other was fantastic.

Points to take away for the next training session and the hard work goes on.

Well done all of you!

Mrs Hayward

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