Day & Boarding 7-13 years,
Pre-Prep & Nursery 2-7 years.


Autumn Term 2017

Sun 3rd Sept (Boarders return) Term Starts   
Fri 15th Sept - Sun 17th Sept  Exeat
Fri 6th Oct - Sun 8th Oct  Exeat
Fri 20th Oct - Sun 29th Oct Half Term
Thurs 16th Nov - Sun 19th Nov  Exeat
Sat 9th Dec  Term Ends


Spring Term 2018

Sun 7th Jan Term Starts
Fri 26th Jan - Sun 28th Jan Exeat
Fri 9th Feb - Sun 18th Feb Half Term
Fri 2nd Mar - Sun 4th Mar Exeat
Fri 23rd Mar Term ends


Summer Term 2018

Wed 18th Apr Term Starts
Fri 4th May - Sun 6th May Exeat
Fri 25th May - Sun 27th May Exeat
Fri 8th Jun - Sun17th Jun Half Term
Fri 6th Jul End of Term

Collection and Return Times

Collection for all Exeats and Half-terms is at 1.00pm.

Return from all Exeats and Half-terms is at 6.00pm

Return from Optionals is at 7pm for the Form 1s and 7.30pm for all others.


Autumn Term 2017

Mon 4th Sept Term Starts
Mon 11th Sept Tea & Talk
Fri 29th Sept Individual Photos
Sat 30th Sept Open Morning
Thurs 19th Oct Harvest Festival
Mon 23rd Oct - Fri 27th Oct Half Term
Fri 17th Nov School Closed
Tues 28th Nov Parents' Meeting (R, 1 &2)
Mon 27th Nov - Thur 30th Nov Nursery Parents' Meetings
Mon 4th Dec Evening of Light
Tues 5th Dec Nativity
Fri 8th Dec Term Ends


Spring Term 2018

Mon 8th Jan Term Starts
Mon 12th Feb - Fri 16th Feb Half Term
Fri 23rd Mar Term Ends


Summer Term 2018

Thur 19th April Term Starts                         
Mon 11th Jun - Fri 15th Jun Half Term
Fri 6th Jul Term Ends

Collection and Return Times

Collection for  Exeats and Half-terms is at the usual time for Pre-Prep (3.45pm)  & Nursery (3.30pm).

Please note, there will be no After School Care facility available on Exeats.