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Monday, 14 May 2018

The Downs Malvern 6-a-Side Tournament

The Downs Malvern 6-a-Side Tournament

Won two; lost 2

A delightful day’s cricket featured wins against Packwood Haugh and St Anselm’s and losses against the hosts and The Elms. Ben was our strongest player, passing 20 twice, but our batting was not powerful enough to prevail against the stronger teams we played. Both Harvey and Ed impressed with the ball, too.

The most memorable moments of the day seemed to happen during matches in which Abberley were not playing. The first happened when a four was hit into the impenetrable jungle on the far side of one of the grounds. Domineering trees were supported by the thickest, hedge-like material, at the foot of which bristled luscious and angry nettles. The nearest fielder looked at me, shrugged and said, “I’m not getting that.” I sympathised and the pair of us looked, listless, at one another. Then, like Clarke Kent, Ed’s father arrived. His arm was outstretched, but not in a Superman pose. It was just that he had his dog on a lead. With a swift gesture and subtle calls and signals, he sent the animal on its mission. I was not filled with optimism. More fool me. The dog made light of the overgrown border, the stingers, the thistles, the brambles and dropped the ball at his master’s feet with a “Don’t-know-what-all-the-fuss-was-about” wag of the tail. The staff and parents from both schools involved in the match broke into warm applause.

There was a second memorable moment which captured the spirit of the day: it concerned an outstanding catch in the deep. The batsman, who had been dismissed, having middled a powerful drive over (as he must have thought) mid-off was man enough to acknowledge his opponent’s stunning catch by shaking his hand.

Mr Keeble

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