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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

U10 Packwood tournament

0-0 Moreton Hall

Our first match was closely fought. Moreton started a little stronger than us but we held them off in our D. Then the tables started to turn and we spent most of the match in their half! Some good dribbling from Kitty and clever passing from Nell and Alex. We had a couple of very close calls but couldn’t quite get it in the goal! 

0-1 Moor Park

This was a tough game but the girls didn’t stop fighting! We had a good break from Neeko which we couldn’t quite convert into a goal. Alex and Olivia did well in defence and Freya made some outstanding saves to keep the score to 0-1

0-1 Shrewsbury high

I think this was one of the unluckiest games I have ever watched! We had almost all of the possession and had multiple shots at goal that kept creeping wide, were saved by the goalie and one even came off the post! It was looking like we would have to settle for a 0-0 draw then a 5 second lapse of concentration at the end of the game saw Shrewsbury sneak a goal. There were strong breaks from Olivia E and Nell, Kitty came very close to scoring and Olivia was cool, calm and collected in defence with Alex. 

4-0 Old Hall

It was great to finish the afternoon on a high. It was a bit of a scrappy game in places but we had a lot of posession and lots of chances to get in their D.

Fantastic goals were scored by Olivia E, Nell, Neeko and Kitty. The great thing about all of them was that they were all the result of fantastic team work. A very enjoyable afternoon! 

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