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Thursday, 19 October 2017

U10A tournament

Match 1 – vs Lucton

This was a good warm up game to get our confidence up. We tackled well and used our wings to keep the game wide. At this point we hadn’t quite remembered to keep our feet out of the way and lost the ball to the opposition a few times because of this.  We managed to score twice. 2-0 win

Match 2 – vs HCJS

We started well and Monica was amazing in defence as they had a lot of shots on goal and she kicked the majority of them away. As a team we made some great tackles and kept up the pace throughout the whole match. 0-2 defeat.

Match 3 – vs Moor Park

Nancy and Molly had a lot to do in defence as Moor Park were adamant they were going to score. Luckily Violet, Grace and Darcey were all on hand too, to help. From a short corner against us, Tilda M managed to get the ball and went on a one on one against the MP goalie and scored to level the game. 1-1 draw

Match 4 – vs King’s Hawford

This was always going to be a tough game but we stuck to them like glue to try and stopped them scoring as many as they would have liked to. We managed to tackle them effectively so that they had to work even harder to get into our D. Monica was incredible in goal, stopping numerous shots. We were very disciplined in this game and the girls were a credit to themselves that they did not let their heads drop, but fought to the very end. 0-2 defeat

Match 5 – vs Packwood

Sophie had a lot of possession in this game and we spent a lot of time attacking their goal but unfortunately even though Violet, Matilda, Molly and Sophie all had lots of shots on goal they kept going slightly wide. Packwood caught us slightly asleep when they scored and we didn’t manage to level the score by the end of the match. 0-1 defeat

Match 6 – vs RGS

We tried hard to get possession but RGS kept getting the ball into our D. The defenders tried hard, especially to clear the ball out to the wings. We were tiring against RGS and they managed to get 3 goals past us. Matilda D was excellent at keeping her position on the pitch and the wings stayed out to keep the game spread out. 0-3 defeat

Throughout all the matches we noticed that the girls’ footwork improved a lot, and we stopped kicking the ball and started to jump. We also made some excellent tackles and some good runs towards goal, with members of the team getting ahead so passes could be made. The girls’ discipline at remaining in position improved a lot throughout the matches and they play is becoming much more fluid as passes are made and received where they expect them to be. Overall this was a very encouraging afternoon out. Well done!

Written by the U10 girls

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