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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

U10A vs Kings St Albans & Kings Hawford

We travelled to Kings St Albans for a triangular competition on a clear but cold day. We knew that this was going to be a challenging afternoon of rugby and we were going to need to be on top form to be able to compete. The boys started well and we moved the ball through the hands. However, we weren't quite quick enough at the break down to compete for the ball and we also missed tackles. When we did gain the ball we looked to play the ball wide and attack. Oscar managed to make a good run to score our only try. Kings St Albans moved the ball well and managed to break our defensive line to score six tries. The final result was 6-1 to Kings St Albans.

We then had a break and we looked to re-group and practice our tackling to make sure that we didn't fall off the tackle in our next game.

We played Kings Hawford in our second game and our tackling and defence was much improved and we worked hard against a strong attacking side. We needed to be quicker to compete at the breakdown. We struggled to keep the ball in hand and recycle it effectively against a well organised side. Wallace made some strong tackles as did Oscar. Rufus worked hard to help control the defensive line. Duncan distributed the ball well and put Oscar into a gap to show good pace and score our only try. The final result was 5-1 to Kings Hawford.

It was a tough afternoon of rugby and the boys all tried exceptionally hard and they learnt a lot as a team. Well done!

Mr Leather

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