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Thursday, 13 September 2018

U11 & U10 @ Malvern College

On a lovely sunny afternoon we had our first fixture of term time at Malvern colleges tournament.

The A team started quite well with a narrow 0-1 loss against TDM. We then had tough matches and learnt a lot of valuable lessons which helped us to improve to then manage a 1-0 win against packwood. After the round robin games we played in the 5th/6th playoffs again against Packwood which ended in a 0-0 draw.

The B team started excellently showing lots of potential, with tenacity, and great teamwork in defence. Olivia E scored several goals in one match, and Alex also contributed to their wins. They had lots of chances and we will keep on developing their finishing. They managed two wins which is an excellent start to the season.

The C team gained confidence as the day went on. They looked like a proper team, Jessica was brilliant in defence and carried the ball well. Violet was tenacious and teamed up with Nell on a short corner to score their first goal against Beaudesert C team which was also their first win. Then in an exciting climax to the tournament Abberley C v B it went end to end, and Freya made some excellent saves. The C team defended well and worked the space. Near the end, the C team made a break with Jessica driving the ball up the pitch. She passed to Violet who put a great cross in across the goal, Nell got on the end and after a few more passes a goal was scored for the Cs to come out triumphant in the final match of the day.

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