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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

U11A @ Malvern College tournament

Arriving with only a short time to warm up, we had a catastrophe with Emma taking a ball to the thumb. With her unable to move it, Miss Ryan took her to the nurse, and eventually minor injuries with the help of Bella's Grandma, to whom we were very grateful.

The matches started with a very fiery match against Kings Hawford. Isabella smashed home two excellent goals to put us ahead, but Kings retaliated and scored one. Lottie then put on in on the post. Again Kings scored, but we held on for a 3-2 win, and amazing game, all in a 10minute period.

We then played Moor Park and Hereford Cathedral, but although we had quite a few chances, we just could not find the goal and these both ended 0-0.

In our final group match we played Lucton and knew we needed a good win to have a chance of getting though our group. Minty started the scoring with an excellent one from the left post, then followed it up with a second. Bella scored two, one from a short corner, and Isabella added another to the final score of 5-0.

Although we had played well, the draws meant that we came second in our group to Kings Hawford who had secured wins in all of their games apart from against us. This meant we played the winners of the other pool who were HMSG. They were a good team, and Emily's excellent defence helped us a lot. Frances also worked really well with Emily to stop them scoring. We kept up the pressure and eventually Bella put one away. Unfortunately HMSG had an injury and went a player down for a little time. Sylvie secured our place in the final with an excellent strike.

In the final we again faced Kings Hawford. It was an excellent match and very competitive. Just before half time Isabella stung a ball across goal and in, although her top spin made it come out again, it was a counted goal. In the second period Kings fought hard and also scored an excellent goal to level 1-1. That was how it remained and the final winners were to be decided on shuffles.

The shuffles were tense, Beth saved the first, but then Bella's shot was cm's wide. The second Kings Hawford player managed to v drag around Beth and scored. Minty's shuffle was saved. Beth had to make a save to keep us in it, which she did. Emily made a valiant effort at goal which was saved, she chased the rebound, but ran out of time to score. 2nd place to Abberley, an excellent end to the day. Miss Ryan also returned with good news that although bruised Emma's thumb wasn't broken. It was really lovely that all the girls were very concerned that Emma should get a medal as she was still a part of their team. Well done to al the girls.

Miss Parkinson

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