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Thursday, 6 July 2017

U12 v Pinewood (A) Won by 28 runs

U12 v Cricket v Pinewood (A) Won by 28 runs

Abberley  140-6 (Max 52, Ben 35 not out)

Pinewood 112 (Max 4-10, Ed 3-12)

I am in favour of a solid middle. We had two on display at perspiring Pinewood – one under the umpire’s panama and the other in our batting order. With the loss of three wickets before we had reached double figures, our fortunes looked perilous…not for long. Max, Ed and Ben all prospered. Above and below them the top Abberley score was 4. The bulge in the middle accounted for all but a handful of runs. All three dominated, but it was Max who played with greatest assurance.

Pinewood raced off to a dynamic start and several Abberley bowlers were made to retreat with their tails between their legs. Eight bowlers were used and, just as with the batting, it was those in the middle of the various combinations who swung the game our way. Ed and Max bowled with great control. Ed conceded 12 runs, half of which were off one delivery which required an extensive search of a neighbouring field before it was discovered that the ball hadn’t actually gone over the fence. Max conceded 10, and between them, these two removed seven of the opposition. However, the coup de grace was delivered by Henry, who had often appeared unsure about whether or not he was allowed to run after the ball in the field. On this occasion, there was absolute clarity and amazing athleticism as, after the subtlest of fumbles, he recovered to unleash a laser-like throw from third man which smashed into the middle stump at the striker’s end, running out Pinewood’s hapless No11 by a furlong.

Happy days! Here’s to hazy, lazy days next summer, when this team, give or take a few, will take the field as our 1st XI. I’m looking forward to it already.

Mr Keeble

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