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Sunday, 14 May 2017

U13 & U11 Tennis Tournament at Moreton Hall

Things began inauspiciously as I couldn’t find the minibus, despite it being a large white object and quite hard to miss. Luckily it turned up just in time and we set off for Moreton Hall and their tennis tournament. It was beautiful to skirt around the Shropshire Hills early on a Sunday morning and we saw a triathlon in full swing.

We met Will, Sebastian and Freddie at the venue and got to grips with the tournament rules. All the pairs played a ‘timed tennis’ format, whereby the team with most games after 25 minutes became the winner. The end of the 25 minutes was signified by a loud air horn which certainly added to the tension. It was a big learning curve for all of our pairs. Hugo, Beltran, Archie and Cameron worked hard to stay in contention, but lost out on several close ‘sudden death’ deuces which went against them. Archie played a couple of great drop shots at the net and served well, while Hugo played his part in some thrilling baseline rallies.

The U11 boys pairs were great encounters; Elliott and Freddie were often in contention and Sebastian and Will grew in confidence and it was entertaining to check-in on them halfway through the morning. Sebastian was really pouncing on the opposition's second serve and used his backhand to return well while Will's serve didn't miss a beat - a duo to watch in the future.

The U13 Girls competition was equally entertaining. Pia and Alice faced some tough competition but showed resolve by staying in contention for many of their games. Bob and Nell did the best of our U13 pairs by winning a couple of their ties.  They played some deep shots that were tough to return and both served well. No silverware for us, but a great day.

Mr Raven

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