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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Under 11A v RGS The Grange

An exciting match with plenty of runs in four overs Grace and Sophie scored 23, Scarlett and Darcey 27, Rosie and Tilda D 15, Monica and Chloe 24. However we gave RGS 60 runs as we were run out so many times! 

We did some excellent work when bowling. Sophie took two wickets, Scarlett, Darcey and Rosie all took one. Grace was quick thinking and knocked the bails off whilst bowling as she spotted the batter had left the crease early. Monica took a catch. Both Monica and Chloe threw at pace directly at the stumps to get a batter out. All this was excellent play. It was often the minor slip ups that proved costly. For example Monica bowled her first ball at such pace that the batter couldn’t connect with the ball. It passed our wicket keeper and the fielders creating an opportunity for RGS to score a run. In our excitement to get the ball back it was overthrown and before we knew what was happening RGS were on the run again to notch up a second run!

Final score was 135 Abberley and 195 RGS.

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