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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Under 8 and 9 (A & B teams)

A review of our matches again The Downs Malvern and Hereford Cathedral Junior School on Tuesday 16th January

We travelled to Malvern for our first game of the new year under darkening clouds with an awful forecast for the afternoon’s weather. At times during the next few hours the weather was truly atrocious. A strong, cold wind brought in rain, hail and snow. The dark afternoon was considerably brightened by the children’s enthusiasm, stamina and good play.

‘On Tuesday the U9s and U8s went to the Downs to play two football matches. First we played the Downs and we won 2 – 0 with me and Yoan scoring. In the first half George was in goal and he made some brilliant saves. In the second half Hugo was on goal and made some spectacular saves! John made some great tackles. For match tea we had chips and sausages!’ Tom J.

‘We beat Hereford 2, nil with Yoan play fantastically well for his first game back at Abberley. We all played well with me and Hugo scoring  and Tom making some good decisions in goal. We had a great start to the season, good luck in your next matches.’ Henry H.

‘In the first match we played the dark, blue Downs team. We tried to score but they were too good for us. Toby B and me were doing our best. The Downs got two and we got zero goals. My favourite bit was being striker. For tea we had chips, sausages and ketchup!’ Oli J

‘In the second match we played the dark green Downs team. Sadly we lost the second match. Well played Toby D. for trying to get the ball off the greens. Well played Seb for being a good defender. At the end it was hailing so we had to go under the shelter and we got our tracksuit top on, then we went to their dining room.’ Toby B

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