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Saturday, 2 February 2019

Under11A Netball v Monmouth

It was such an exceptionally cold day, we were blessed to be able to play indoors. It was a beautiful, bright and spacious sports hall. However, we found it hard to control our footwork on their surface. So in the first 8 minutes of play, we made the most interceptions and we had most possession. Sadly though we gave the ball away with panicked passing and footwork mistakes. Monmouth grew in confidence and then began to pull ahead leaving us to chase. We drew one quarter but lost to the strong opposition 5-11. It was tremendous to see the progress the team have made and the effort every player made to get the ball into our shooting third.

We did stop on the way home and tried a new bus for size. Oh and yes we did make a few snow balls before our match. Whilst this was rather unusual, we were complemented on the unbelievably good manners and behaviour of the girls this afternoon.

Mrs Ryman

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