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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Wolf Watch

Sue Vicenzotti took 12 children from Top Year and 100s to spend the afternoon at a Shropshire Wolf sanctuary learning about wolves, drawing them and feeding them. Abberley Hall now sponsor a female wolf called Callow. 

Callow lives at Wolf Watch UK in Shropshire, She is a beautiful animal who had been involved in dominance fights with other members of her pack. As a result of her injuries she was placed in isolation for 4 months before she came to the wolf sanctuary.

Callow was born around 2007 at the West Midlands Safari Park and came to live at Wolf Watch in 2010.

The most extraordinary thing about Callow is that on the day of her arrival people were able to confidently enter her enclosure and after a few minutes she approached and gently took biscuits by hand. This behaviour from a non-socialised wolf – and particularly from a safari park – is a definite first.

We can visit Wolf Watch in small groups to see Callow and other wolves, learn how they live, draw them, photograph them and get close enough to feed them!

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